hy_brid is a DJ orientated performance which combines experimental CDJ usage, reel to reel tape delay, analogue granular sampling and digital effects.  The result is a DJ set in which music is presented, dissected and distorted in unpredictable ways. The setups’ versatility allows me to create sets ranging from ambient to experimental. I’ve begun to develop the setup each gig differently, allowing me to blend a wide range of styles and sounds, beyond just heavy techno. Each performance is unique and individual and designed specifically for the crowd and atmosphere of the party.

hy_brid has stemmed from an inherent frustration from live electronic music performance. I have never been satisfied with my live performances in electronic music and have always enjoyed my DJ sets more. However, I wanted to create a DJ set that had its own element of performance and creativity, past what one would normally expect of a DJ set. As a result, I looked to incorperate different FX usage in order to help distort and alter the sonic projection of the music being played.

hy_brid w/Sona Koloyan at Rate / Repeat

I collaborated with the amazing guitarist Sona Koloyan for this specially prepared hy_brid set. We focussed on combining experimental guitar techniques alongside my rhythmic dissection of club tracks in order to create an improvised free-form club performance that challenges the notion of DJ sets whilst providing an intense and moving soundscape.

hy_brid (Live at Electrolights AV XI)

An extract from one of two sets I did at Electrolights AV. Sadly I had to reduce the setup due to travel constraints with the venue, so this performance doesn’t contain the reel to reel tape delay I normally use. The set focus’ on some of the heavier selections in my library including tunes from Ben Vince, Renick Bell, Loraine James, La Leif and more.

hy_brid (Ctrl-S Spatialisation)

This is a live recording from my Ctrl-S dissertation performance. For this mix I selected works that inspired the music of the Ctrl-S live performance and created a mix using my hy_brid DJ setup. I then separated each deck, as well as the effects channels, and created spatialised movements for each of them to create an immersive sound world that listeners could experience by walking round the room. The piece was originally played over a 12.2 surround sound system and has been mixed down to stereo.

hy_brid (Live at Rye Wax)

Live recording from the Electrolights AV show at Rye Wax. This was the debut of the hy_brid DJ setup and I decided to take a heavier selection of tunes for this performance, selecting a mixture of House, Techno, Dubstep and more.