inter / sect

inter / sect is a radio show that centers on examining the intersections between jazz, electronic productions, ambiance and experimental approaches. Each show will broadcast and contrast records, breaking down the barriers of genre with selections ranging from IDM oddities, boundary-pushing jazz and intricate ambient soundscapes blended together. Through presenting these forward-thinking records alongside each other, we can closer connect the intersections between these sounds and create new soundscapes.

La Leif & Sam Hostettler

inter / sect will be interviewing La Leif and Sam Hostettler this month having released a split 12” on NXRecords. The release combines the contrasting production styles of the two artists, with La Leif focussing on mangled driving electronic beats and Sam Hostettler focussing on layered ambient movements. Together, the EP delivers a range of kaleidoscopic sounds that highlights their detailed and fresh approach to electronic music production.

Daniel Brandt

inter / sect will be presenting an exclusive interview with Daniel Brandt following his second solo release ‘Channels’ with Erased Tapes. Daniel’s production strays between traditional instrumentation and dark electronic production, combining driving rhythmic textures with lucious instrumental and synthesized tones. The result is an intricate production style that highlights Daniel’s broad musical influence and an album that is both expansive and minimalist.

Szun Waves

For the debut show I’ll be interviewing Szun Waves, whose recent album ‘New Hymn to Freedom’ on The Leaf Label was described by Pitchfork as a link between “London’s fertile jazz scene and longstanding psychedelic traditions”. Their sound flows effortlessly between ambient drone textures and pulsating jazz improvisation, creating an all-encompassing sonic experience. I’ll be catching up with them backstage ahead of their headline show at Oval Space London.