Inspired Sounds - 1Nite1Hour

Inspired Sounds approached me to create the first mix for their new Inspired DJ mix series. This is a selection of more dance floor orientated cuts with influence from around the world . I wanted to create a dichotomy of the sounds you might hear over a full night in one short mix, evolving gradually to deeper, more intense tracks.

Charles Vaughan @ The BBE Store

Recorded over the audiophile rotary setup at the Institute of Light, I presented a range of vinyl selections over 2 hours to soundtrack the amazing restaurant and bespoke settings of the BBE store. A wide selection of ambient, acoustic, IDM, dubstep, latin, jazz, italo, and more.

AVA Emerging DJ Competition Mix

It took me a long time to decide what I wanted to try and fit in a 30 minute mix for such an important festival. After a long night dancing to Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy , I decided that I wanted to make a mix of joy and energy. There are elements of all my styles here, from the queer disco anthems I hold true to like S'Express, the deeper house cuts of Oliver $ and the bangers of Mall Grab. AVA festival has a spectacular line up of talent and sounds and I wanted to use my strong soulful influences but still provide a punch that would project through the audience. What I want from this mix is to make everyone listening somehow feel that energy I feel when I play in front of a crowd. I hope you feel the excitement and the anticipation that this music brings to me and hopefully, have a good old dance to it.

International Women’s Day 2019 Mix

I'm constantly amazed and inspired by the women around me, the women I look up to and the women I study in music. So to celebrate I've put together a mix of some of the most inspiring female voices (and horns!) that are in my collection. There are so so many more women to include, not only musicians but the DJs, broadcasters, instrumentalists, managers, label owners, promoters and more that make such an impact on our industry. Lot's of love and power to all women, everywhere.

Birdland Kissa - Live at Near & Far

A live recording from one of the nights I host regularly at Peckham Levels’ Near & Far Bar. It’s an extract from a 4 hour set, starting with more down tempo funk and developing through Motown soul, through to disco and finally to some soulful house cuts.

hy_brid (Ctrl-S Spatialisation)

This is a live recording from my Ctrl-S dissertation performance. For this mix I selected works that inspired the music of the Ctrl-S live performance and created a mix using my hy_brid DJ setup. I then separated each deck, as well as the effects channels, and created spatialised movements for each of them to create an immersive sound world that listeners could experience by walking round the room. The piece was originally played over a 12.2 surround sound system and has been mixed down to stereo.

Art Of The Mixtape: A Progression In Jazz

This is an entry for the Dimension's Mixtape competition. Sadly, I'm a day late in recording and uploading this due to some lengthy work shifts, but regardless this mix felt important for me to make. It documents my progression in my Jazz education, from my school learning to my current experience and explorations. For a full breakdown of the tracks played please see the blog post here...

hy_brid (Live at Rye Wax)

Live recording from the Electrolights AV show at Rye Wax. The hy_brid setup is an extended DJ set up involving analogue FX and digital programming FX to splice, dissect and distort, creating a re-contextualized presentation of a traditional 'DJ' set.

hy_brid (Promo Mix)

hy_brid is a new DJ setup involving analogue electronics, feedback loops and computer programming. It aims to create an enveloping soundscape through its use of effects, to deconstruct elements of productions, and mix styles from Ambient, Jazz, Techno and Experimental.



On The Corner x Birdland Kissa (Live at The Nines) - 13.08.17

Was delighted to invite down Pete OTC from On The Corner Records to play at my night, BIrdland Kissa this month at The NINES. Was a great night, shouts to all who came down. Here's an extract from the night from my own set as we as Pete's...