Shake Your Body (CV Full On Remix) // Up, Into It & Involved (2019)

Delivering a funk-filled care package to your collection, this is the first in a series of free Birdland releases inspired by the untouchable energy of the London soul scene - whether it’s in the form of groundbreaking jazz to it’s radical disco energy. This release is guaranteed to heat up the floor no matter the setting. 



+44 - Thinking - Of - You (Charles Vaughan Remix) (2018)

I’ve been invited to contribute a remix to Loraine James’ latest releases +44 - Thinking of You. Loraine James’ IDM production work creates an un-relenting intense sonic experience so for this remix I decided to bring the energy down for a 140 remix, fluctuating between acid inspired bass lines and stripped back vocal breakdowns.



Cyclical Waves (2018)

This is a live recording from the Whitstable Biennale festival released with Diva Contemporary. The piece used data from the tidal heights of Whitstable to control different parameters of my Korg Minilogue. The piece was time specific, with the data matching the performance time for a truly unique rendition. The synth blends with the sounds of the beach and distorted granular effects to create cyclical waves of analogue ambiance.



Nighttime Flutter (2016)

Released in late 2016, this EP marked my first production release since moving to London. The EP for me encapsulates the music, art and experiences that London brought to me, and my responses to them. A large amount of influence came from the South London bass music scene, from local nights as well as online digital communities and movements.


artwork by adam burgess and charles vaughan



Butterflies (2016)

This EP was my first release and exploration into more neo-classical and experimental productions. The EP pairs digital effects with minimalist techniques to create a electro-minimalist three movement EP.


artwork by ellen watson




Free Beats (2016 - 2018)

This a collection of all my free beats and songs for download that aren't part of collective projects.

artwork by solitude.ctrl



51°2-°01 Partia No. 1 (2016)

Charles Vaughan & Tim Gardner

This was part of a live collaborative performance between myself and Tim Gardner and was recorded at Whitstable Biennale festival live.