“The London-based event series harness new programming developments to create immersive, technically-complex shows. Could this be the future of live electronic music?”

Red Bull

Originating within the Sonic Immersive Media Lab, located inside a Church turned art space at Goldsmiths University, the night utilises the 12.2 surround sound setup and multiple projectors to create an immersive experience for the audience. Resolution now takes place in multiple venues across London, each keeping to the immersive ethos and nature of Resolution. Our events feature live performances from a variety of artists and fields, focussing on contemporary electronics and AV art. We utilise surround sound systems in different ways for each artist, custom programming and consulting with the artists to create a unique sonic space for each performance. Live visuals are used alongside video art, which are custom programmed by us or by featured visual artists, which again are customised to each individual performance. We aim to create an evening that features a broad range of styles and influences that people can experience with no prerequisite knowledge to the work presented, that is a space for improvisation and inspiration to both artists and observers.

Our previous headliner was Roly Porter, who developed a unique live show especially for the the 54 speaker array from Pioneer at London's Waterloo venue Aures, accompanied by a custom projector system, with engulfing visuals projected over the Leake Street arches, produced by the Resolution team. Previously we presented Shelley Parker, having just released with Hessle Audio, whose performance combined analogue MPC techniques with driving breakbeats, enhanced through the audio reactive custom visuals. We have featured live coding with Renick Bell, whose performances consist of merging coding with improvisation and algorithmic composition using open source software, which we diffused to surround sound along with a multi-channel visual set up. London based sound artists rkss presented a genre-bending mix of IDM explorations of the materiality of film sound, YouTube and EDM sample packs through the lens of house, ambient and computer music. Finally, our first major headliner was Shiva Feshareki, who won the British Composer Innovation award in 2017, and presents ‘New Forms’ on NTS. She performed her live experimental turntablism, which was diffused into surround sound alongside custom multichannel visuals.

Resolution is proud to use our events as a platform for up and coming local artists, such as Loraine James and La Leif, both previous winners of the Oram Award, as well as Bruised Skies, who debuted a unique live performance of his ‘Remnants’ album released on Dream Catalogue, which he performed live in surround sound with custom projections.