Resolution is a South East London events series encompassing various different mediums, including Surround Sound Diffusion, Audio-Visual Art and a broad range of Experimental Electronic Music, utilising new programming developments and intricate sound spaces.

Resolution takes place in the Sonic Immersive Media Lab, located inside a Church turned art space at Goldsmiths University. The lab features a 12.2 surround sound setup and multiple projectors, with each event customising the audio visual elements and set up in different ways. We feature a mixture of artistic pieces, DJ sets and live performances from a variety of artists, focussing on contemporary electronics and AV art. We use the surround sound system in different ways for each artist, often custom programming and consulting with the artists to create a unique sonic space for each performance. Live visuals are used alongside video art, which are custom programmed by us or by featured visual artists, which again are customised to each performance individually. We aim to create an evening that features a broad range of styles and influences that people can experience with no prerequisite knowledge to the work presented, that is a space for improvisation and inspiration to both artists and observers.

Our previous event presented Renick Bell, whose performances consist live coding, improvisation, and algorithmic composition using open source software. He performed a live coded set, which was diffused to surround sound, along with a multi-channel visual set up. Renick Bell has seen releases on multiple international labels, including UIQ, Halcyon Vale and Seagrave. Additionally, Loraine James presented her multi channel audio visual live performance. Having released her debut album ‘Detail’ in 2017, Loraine was also a winner of The Oram award in 2018. Previous performers have also included Shiva Feshareki, who won the British Composer Innovation award in 2017, and presents the ‘New Forms’ show on NTS. She performed her live experimental turntablism, which was diffused into surround sound alongside custom multichannel visuals. Bruised Skies debuted a unique live performance of his ‘Remnants’ album, released on Dream Catalogue, which he performed live in surround sound. We also presented a live improvised performance from Yee-King, whose IDM productions were released on Reflex Records and has also remixed Squarepusher. We have previously hosted Orka, a project incorporating handmade instrumentation and cathartic techno sounds, with live performances at local venues such as Rye Wax and Corsica, to foreign festivals; Graham Dunning, a sonic artist and musician whose Mechanical Techno piece has been featured by both Boiler Room and NTS, performed one of his first live coding performances, accompanied by live visuals from Chromatouch. Other performances included La Leif, whose gritty techno and soundscapes have featured on local labels such as The Lumen Lake and Squareglass, as well as Blank Editions, who released her debut EP “Violet” in 2018.. La Leif was also one of the recipients of the prestigious Oram Awards this year.