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“The London-based event series harness new programming developments to create immersive, technically-complex shows. Could this be the future of live electronic music?” - Red Bull

We are a South East London based events company - with the aim to create immersive audio and visual experiences for our audience.

Working within various fields; including surround sound diffusion, audio visual art and a range of experimental electronic music, and utilising new programming developments and intricate sound spaces - Resolution combines practices in music and art.

Originating within the Sonic Immersive Media Lab, in a church turned art space at Goldsmiths University, Resolution now takes place in various locations across London, collaborating with promoters and labels; also acting as a production team for external clients. Each event builds upon our immersive ethos and technical capabilities.

Our events feature a mix of live performances, DJ sets and installations from a variety of musicians and artists, focussing on contemporary electronics and AV art. We utilise surround sound systems in different ways for each artist and space, working with the artists to program a unique soundscape for each performance.

Visualisations are either custom programmed by us or by featured visual artists, showcasing a mix of live visuals, films and other forms of video art, displayed on various multi-channel projection systems, to create immersive nights in intimate settings.

We are proud to use Resolution as a platform to give light to up and coming local artists, and provide them with an opportunity to develop new unique live performances.

Our aim is to curate and setup events that feature a broad range of styles and influences - that is a space for improvisation and inspiration to both artists and observers.